2022 Investment in Suite of iPads for use in school

In 2022, the school invested in a suite of iPads for use in the school, to facilitate the embedding of IT into learning in school on a daily basis.

The iPads have been a great addition to teaching and learning in Carns NS and are used with great regularity across all classes, to enhance and support learning across all curricular areas.

Autumn/Winter 2018

Introduction of Bee-Bots & Lego We Do 2 this year to introduce coding to children of all ages. We used Bee-Bots during September and October and children had an opportunity to work with Bee-Bots in class.

Annual Participation in Science Foundation Ireland STEM Awards: 

We participate annually in the Science Foundation Ireland STEM awards & Technology is an important part of the process. Each year, we work on new areas of IT (e.g. using powerpoint, coding, typing etc).

  • Promethean interactive whiteboard in every room
  • 17 laptops for students’ use & school iPads.
  • High speed broad band access – We regularly do class projects using the internet for research
  • Pupils are learning how to type using the EnglishType programme. This takes a lot of practice & children work on their typing every week.

Reel Life Science Entry from Carns NS

The children in the senior room  completed a science project for the Reel life Science competition over 3 weeks. We have learned how to create and edit movies and we’ve had a great experience. We have spent many hours researching, filming, editing and learning about our topic and how to create a movie.

Our entry entitled ‘The Digestive System of Cows’ can be viewed at https://youtu.be/l59a93o-S4Y