All children picked blackberries at home and we made jam in both classes. In the senior class room we’re learning Seamus Heaney’s Blackberry Picking ‘Late August, given heavy rain and sun. For a full week the blackberries would ripen….’.



September 2018 Experiments

With Space week approaching in early Oct, we’ve been doing some experiments creating paper and straw rockets, designing a rocket, creating a control, testing rockets for distance travelled, modifying our designs and retesting. Great fun.


Primary Science & Maths Awards 2017 -Photo Details on our work 

Take a look  at some of the science work we completed for our Primary Science & Maths Award  in photos for our 2017 award. We’ve begun work in Sep 2018 for our 3rd Primary Science & Maths Award. 

We were awarded our 2nd Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Award in May 2017. We’re completed lots of incredible science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) work in the school as we work through the various steps involved in applying for the award. We received our first award in May 2015.



Reel life Science Competition

We began in the autumn by participating for the first time in the Reellife Science Movie competition for the first time. The children in the senior room i have been working on a science project for the Reel life Science competition over 3 weeks. We have learned how to create and edit movies and we’ve had a great experience. We have spent many hours researching, filming, editing and learning about our topic and how to create a movie. Our entry entitled ‘The Digestive System of Cows’ can be viewed here.



Powerpoint ICT work Spring

We are developing our IT skills. Children have been learning how to create powerpoint files on our laptops describing our science experiments. We’re working with design, colour, text options and formatting options.




Engineer’s Week

We visited Sligo IT during Engineer’s Week to participate in a science show called ‘All Done with Mirrors’.


Building and Designing with Clics:

We’re really enjoying working, designing and building in the school this year. We have been working recently with Clics and creating wonderful vehicles, houses, animals etc.



Maths trails in School

We discovered many interesting facts doing our maths trails. How many children can fit into a square 1m x 1m?? We found out ! Also the interesting facts we discovered from our maths trails. (56 windows in school building, 2268 slates on the roof, 37 rings on the tree stump in the classroom, 32 vertical lines on our school gate, area of our school yard is 2709m2, 28 people can fit in a a square with 2m sides & lots more…..)