Autumn/Winter 2018:  

In May 2018, we received our Active Active Flag after a year long process involving all pupils in the school. In school, we focus on the Fundamental Skills PE programme and work through a different fundamental skill each month. We are an active school, with full school participation in active school lines at break times, activities during break times, running laps  between classes and weekly PE classes. During the autumn/winter, we have an athletics coach in each week for 6 weeks, followed by a gymnastics coach for 6 weeks for all classes. Children from 1st to 6th classes are currently enjoying 6 weeks of hurling training with the Sligo GAA hurling officer Dara Cox. Senior classroom children(3rd-6th classes) participated in   the Supervalu athletics Festival at Sligo IT in Sep 2018.

Active School Flag Photo
Playground Leaders 3
Playground Leaders 2
Santa Running With Kids In Yard
Running With Santa
Swim Ireland Hats Etc
Gymnastics In Ls Room
Ceili Dancing Class
Playground Leaders 3
Basketball Class
Playground Leaders 1

2017/2018: We received our First Active School Flag in June 2018

We’ve just been awarded our first Active School Flag from 2018 to 2021. We’re continuing our good work in Sport with our Active Playground & Full particiation and engagement in all aspects of the PE curriculum. We’re very proud of this achievement as it’s a challenging programme to achieve the flag for any school.

In Sep/Oct 2018- We’re focusing on Running & Athletics

In Nov/Dec 2018- We’re focusing on Balance & Gymnastics

Active Breaks

Active Line-When the bell goes after break  a member of the Active School Committee leads all children in line in a number of exercises.Playground leaders, changing weekly, who organise team sport activities at break times & on wet days in the shed.

Playground Leaders -We have playground leaders who ensure equipment is available to all age groups for active breaks. The leaders lead circuits on Friday & lead the active lines at the end of break. On rainy days, we have active rainy day breaks,either in the classroom or in the shed.

Our Running Initiative:We’re running to London. Every day, each class runs a number of laps around the school grounds. The seniors are doing 5 laps twice a day and the junior classroom do 3 laps twice a day. We launched our running initiative in December at the Grange race track.

Launching Our Active School Flag:-Santa launched our Active Flag Campaign in December 2017 with a Santa Dash. He led the class with some laps and exercises at the school. We also visited Grange running track to do a number of laps to launch our initiative.

Our PE Partnerships:

Home school link with parents- information sent home on skills taught as part of Fundamental Movement Skills Programme throughout the year.
We also have an active flag notice board. Working with Sligo Sports Partnership at Athletics Festival Day, Working with Swimming coaches in Ballyshannon.

Sligo GAA coaches & Hurling Coaches

Past pupil Mona McSharry gave sports talk to the children, Athlete Eamon McAndrew joined us for our Grange Running Track event.


Week of 23rd April some planned activities are:
Physical activity every day,Sports Clothes worn,PE homework, Disco music- Drop everything and dance,Timetable of activities, Orienteering activity, Go Noodle, Ceili dancing

Our Timetable for Active School Week:

MON: 10am LAPS – 11am
Drop everything and dance-Afternoon: ennis

TUE:  10am LAPS – 11am
Welly Throw-Afternoon: Tag Rugby & Tag

WED: 12:50 – 10AM LAPS -11am Basket shooting- 12pm- Basketball
THUR: 10AM LAPS & Ceili Dancing
FRI: Jersey Day- Wear your county colours:11AM Orienteering for all.
Team event & Obstacle Courses


Monday: 5 mins of free dance to a song of your choice. Pick your favourite song & dance to the song
Tuesday: Jog around your house 3 times or 5 times.
Wednesday: 5 minutes of skipping.  (If you don’t have a skipping rope, just skip around the house 3 times.
Thursday: Step up and down on your front door step (25 times for J.I. – 2nd), (50 times for 3rd-6th)  (Or on the stairs /box)
Friday: 20 Jumping Jacks (J.I. – 2nd) 35 Jumping Jacks (3rd-6th).

Our Year of PE Lessons to date 2017-2018:

  • Our teachers are implementing the Move Well Move Often PE Initiative in school during this academic year.
  • Sep 2017-Skill focus – Running & Walking- Athletics classes for all. Senior class participated in the Supervalu Athletics Competition in Sligo IT
  • October-Mid-Nov: Skill Focus- Kicking – Gaelic Football classes for all
  • Mid Nov-Mid Jan: Strand unit- Dance with all classes – 7 Dances for School Musical skill focus-Striking with Implement and Catching- Hurling for 6 weeks
  • Striking with Implement & Catching- – Tennis for 6 weeks
  • December-​Skill focus kicking, strand unit games – Focus on Soccer coaching for all
  • Mid January- End Feb-​Skill-Balancing & Landing-Gymnastics for 6 weeks Striking with Implement & Catching- – Tennis for 6 weeks
  • Mid January- Mid March-Swimming- Aquatics strand- 2nd to 6th-six weeks of swimming lessons in Ballyshannon Pool. Children in the junior room are undertaking the interactive Paws Water Safety Programme.
  • ​March & April-Skill focus-striking with the Hand-Basketball coaching for 6 weeks. Skill focus-Jumping for Height & jumping for Distance.

The PE STRANDS in Carns NS

  • Athletics- Walking, jogging, running, sprinting, hurdles, throwing etc. Move Well Move Often programme, Athletics Festival,
  • Dance-  school musical, ceili on Lá Glas (16th March), teaching of ceili dances in March & also during Active school week.
  • Aquatics- Class lessons in Ballyshannon (2nd to 6th), Land Paws (Infants & 1st)
  • Outdoor and Adventure Activities-Milk Harbour Nature Walk, Easter Egg Orienteering Hunt, Obstacle Course, orienteering during Active Schools Week, Streedagh Beach discovery walk (April 20th)
  • Games- Ball handling, kicking, striking, hockey, tennis, games,
  • Gymnastics- 6 weeks of classes